Dedicated HR Specialists

Our firm is built on the solid foundations of excellence and shared knowledge, with our perceptive vision focussed towards meeting the demands of disruptive research and development strategies. We succeed in fulfilling our recruitment obligations by identifying and enlisting educated technical and scientific professionals into challenging projects and local placements that match their skills, talents and expertise. Our strategy of empowering eligible candiates – wherever you are based – to navigate through their complex assignments help provide sustainable solution paths in the fields of ...

With 35 years of indusry experience, our executive management continues to improve the effectiveness and credibility of screening and employee onboarding activities.

Employee Screening & Onboarding Experts

Highest Retention Rates

Our retention rates for individuals placed in short-term technical positions are higher than those of our competitors. We accomplish these results by carefully recruiting specialists in their fields of study. We sponsor only mature professionals from all academic levels, and our network of talented scientists include a broad base of educated candidates eager to meet the challenges of new and exciting research projects.

  • Programmers

  • Engineers

  • Biochemists

  • Physicists