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Jeff Kelly

“I came to Talent Cultivators through the internship program in 2008. During the past 11 years, we have really grown – not just in size, but in and talent, and we are recognized for the outstanding support we provide to our customers.”

Julie Byrnes

“What I’ve loved best about Talent Cultivators was that I was able to work remotely while pursuing my post graduate studies. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the incredible support structure and flexibility that they offer.”

Ben Smith

“I first discovered Talent Cultivators during a college networking seminar and I haven’t looked back since. As a network engineer, I’ve gotten to work on several projects and have traveled all over the country to complete these projects."

Mike Anderson

"Companies like Talent Cultivators shine in our social media inspired, collaborative workflow ignited, Gig Economy World! We are able to identify and enlist the specialized services of top-level professionals."

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