Positions for Physicists

With recent increases in research and development spending, research based positions for PhD scientists are increasing in corporate, educational and governmentally affiliated laboratories. Talent Cultivators has placed qualified scientists in a variety of full-time positions to work in group and individual research projects.

The candidate selected will serve as a Physicist for a major Advisory and Assistant Services (A&AS) contract in the DHS Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) Support Services Division (SSD). The Physicist will provide subject matter expertise (SME) for CWMD SSD efforts in support of research and development efforts required to help protect the nation against the illicit use of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, or Nuclear (CBRN) agents. Advises organizational leadership on products and processes that are technical in nature and interacts with external agencies while providing guidance to personnel performing technical tasks.

For additional information, or to apply to this position, please respond to listing:PO2020897

Collider-Accelerator Department (C-AD) seeks Accelerator Operators to participate in the operation and troubleshooting of the suite of particle accelerators that make up the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) and the NASA Space Radiation Laboratory. Responsibilities fo the position include diagnosing and correcting suboptimal accelerator performance while completing technical and research projects for C-AD. Collaboration with on-shift Accelerator Physicists and other liaison contacts are essential to the successful completion of research activities. In addition to professional and scientific credentials, candidates should possess professonal approach and experience towards indentifying risks and maintaining best practices for mitigating concerns related to functional hazards by suggesting and implementing or appropriate controls.

For additional information, or to apply to this position, please respond to listing:PO2020427

The incumbent will be part of a collaborative team and performing cryogenic electrical testing and characterization of novel superconducting electronic devices and circuits. These circuits will include single-flux-quantum circuits and quantum microwave circuits and detectors. Assigned duties include developing and simulating theoretical models of superconducting circuit components and circuit operation; automating testing and improving test infrastructure by making or acquiring test equipment; and communicating and collaborating with team members, other NIST teams, and external teams, both directly and through pblished reports.

For additional information, or to apply to this position, please respond to listing:PO2020963

Perform systems analysis and design for magnetic fusion pilot plants that are included in a design study structured to identify the impact of different engineering, technology and physics innovations on optimal design point projections. These studies will require developing and applying a broad understanding of the design of a pilot plant including the machine core, magnet systems, materials, tritium breeding blankets, auxiliary heating systems, balance of plant and remote maintenance. Risks and concerns relating to nuclear safety & licensing issues should also be considered during the course of this project. Key goals of this project include: updating current systems codes to incorporate more realistic representations of proposed innovations, and identify potential optimal design point solutions for fusion pilot plants.

For additional information, or to apply to this position, please respond to listing:PO2020527

This position is part of a cross functional team made up of various engineering, chemistry and physics professionals. The group's primary function is to own the system level verification testing of new products that will verify modifications, replacement of any critical portion of the core measurement sub system. The candidate will apply diverse skills and experiences to triage issues in a wide range of gas analysis products, to. include the ability to systematically reproduce, diagnose, and characterize failure mechanisms of product hardware and software issues related to instrumentation for gas analysis. Upon findings, the candidate is expected to seek out assistance from the appropriate Scientists and engineers of all disciplines, and to communicate positive and negative information for calculated responses.

For additional information, or to apply to this position, please respond to listing:PO2020469

Seeking an expert in heavy ion transport through complex beamlines with a fundamental understanding of RF acceleration of bunched beams to take a leadership role in designing and operating of accelerators and supporting systems. During the development of new solutions, the expert will share all experiences and participate in the development of patent applications by presenting substantial knowledge on the design concepts, state-of-the-art principles, and technical processes proposed as commercial products.

For additional information, or to apply to this position, please respond to listing:PO2020803