Open Positions

Our detail orientated vetting process ensures that our clients are getting the best technical talent to fill their position vacancies. This approach confirms that our candidates and consultants are placed in positions that match their skills and abilities. The end result of our professional guidance and oversight creates synergy and increased productivity for our long-term placements which directly leads to higher retention bonuses and mutually beneficial compensation packages.

This opportunity will have you work on a site project engineering team at an operating nuclear power plant with other engineers involved in the systems betterment and associated modifications for a nuclear plant electrical system. Duties of this full-time position include the following: electrical systems design, preparation of complex calculations associated to load flow and short circuit power flow, system impact, cable ampacity, quality assurance and system degradation. Detail orientated, professional oral and written communication skills are required for hte preparation of documented design inputs, equipment and material specifications, and quarterly design reports.

For additional information, or to apply to this position, please respond to listing:  PO-190104A027

The qualified applicant will be responsible for the management and administration of an industry leader's mobility environment with additional responsibilities to transition isolated email environments to enterprise exchange platform. Duties include managing company offerings including the deployment, operation, application wrapping, policy creation and management of company container and BYOD devices. In addition, the qualified applicant will be responsible to administer other collaborative technologies within a defined mobility workspace to include but are not limited to alternative messaging strategies, proofpoint messaging security tools, anti-virus controls, and level 2 & 3 help-desk activities.

For additional information, or to apply to this position, please respond to listing:PO-190108C118

This professional position is responsible for mechanical system design, client meetings, equipment selection, construction observation, and other mechanical engineering responsibilities. Responsibilties include building trusting client relationships to foster collaboration with clients, vendors, and project team members to ensure projects move forward smoothly and are completed on-time and on-budget. Required presence onsite and attendance at construction meetings to observe and report technical findings. Efficiently prioritize and maintain a balance and schedule between all projects and deadlines. Provide descriptive solutions to mechanical design difficulties. Correctly complete load calculations and select equipment for specific projects. Professionally provide pro-active communication with clients to discover and implement expectations.

For additional information, or to apply to this position, please respond to listing:PO-190117B053

Leadership position within an engineering department focussed on innovation and pushing technology boundaries in the field of RF communication systems. This cutting edge company prides itself on pushing the technology “envelope” and delivering rapid, unique capabilities to customers operating in unusual and contested environments. As a result of these technical successes, the company has experienced sustained growth over the last three years creating the need for this critical advanced-level position. Daily duties include applying the use of your signal processing and coding know-how to solve challenges within the following areas: signals analysis and characterization, signal recognition and emitter identification, and direction finding.

For additional information, or to apply to this position, please respond to listing:PO-190117B053

Defense contractor is looking for a smart, energetic candidate with a strong TECHELINT background to support the systems engineering team working on some of the Navy’s most advanced and critical weapon systems. Signals analysis expertise is necessary and will play a critical role in the design, test, and deployment of a variety of RF systems. The successful candidate will work closely with teams of RF system engineers, software/ algorithm developers, test facilities, and operators to optimize the design and performance of Navy RF systems against current and emerging adversary threats.

For additional information, or to apply to this position, please respond to listing:PO-190117B053